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  Mission Statement  

Houston County Schools, believing that our children are our future, commit to a partnership with stakeholders, to provide safe, caring learning environments that encourage each student to achieve to his or her full potential.

  About The School  

A Brief History

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The earliest Rehobeth school was constructed of pine logs in the 1860s, and was used as both a school and a church.  This first school was replaced in the 1870s with a new building down the Three Notch Road from the Rehobeth Baptist Church.  In 1929, a new brick building was erected north of the Baptist Church to house the consolidated high school and elementary school. 

Throughout the following decades, Rehobeth School went through changes in many areas:  growth, structure, personnel, policies, curriculum, and technology.  With each addition, the needs of the community and the students  continued to be priorities for those striving for excellence in education. 

On July 1, 2003, Rehobeth High School became a separate entity, moving to the current facility and campus.  Since that time, RHS has continued to grow in student enrollment and in new structures being built.  The faculty and administration are committed to continuous improvements in providing an excellent academic environment for the young people of this community.